Ingenuity SooThe ‘n Delight Portable Swing, Sunny Snuggles Review

Product Name:Ingenuity SooThe 'n Delight Portable Swing, Sunny Snuggles
Weight Range:4 Pounds To 30 Pounds
Power Source:Battery
Motion:Comfort recline 2 position
Material Type:Plastic
Portability:folds easily for travel or storage
Dimensions:30.8 x 24.5 x 36 inches
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This is one of the best portable baby swing purchases I have made as a mother. With three young kids at home with me during the day sometimes getting everything done can be hard. The Ingenuity SooThe ‘n Delight Portable Swing allows me to bring my baby with me throughout the house without having to worry about collapsing and moving a full size swing. Even better is the added bonus that it helps to entertain my toddler, who loves dancing to the music that is quietly playing. The best part is the swing is so quiet that you never even realize it is on, so the music doesn’t have to be turned up to play over the motor.

One of the best features of this swing is the different seating positions, so it can grow with my baby. As a newborn, I prefer my baby to recline in the swing rather than sitting straight up, but even in the sitting up position the swing seems to cradle my baby. One problem with swings is how fast they swing despite the ability to adjust the swinging speed. The Ingenuity SooThe ‘n Delight Swing comes with a new technology that allows the swing to detect the baby’s weight and adjust the swinging motion automatically in an attempt to deliver a consistent speed that helps in soothing my baby.


  • Soothing Music with volume control. One of the problems with many swings is that the music is annoying, even if it is supposed to be soothing. It has the best music out of all the swings I have tried with my three kids. Not only is the music soothing to my newborn, but my toddler also enjoys dancing to the music that is playing. The volume control allows some adjustment, but you only have the choice between quiet and loud, I prefer the quiet setting because I use the swing to help my baby relax.
  • Very Portable. While there are many different portable swings available to choose from the Ingenuity version is the most portable one I have found. This swing is very easy to fold up, plus it folds up flat and that allows me to take the swing with me wherever I go. When I take the older children to the park, being able to take the swing along with us is a huge bonus because it helps free up my hands to push the big kids on the swings.
  • Moveable Toy Bar. The toy bar is a great feature because it comes with two toys that dangle down for baby to look at. While the toy bar hangs directly above the swing, it makes it look harder to remove baby than it is. The best part is that I can move the toy bar out of the way with just one hand.
  • Super Comfortable Seat. While all swings claim that they have a comfortable seat that is far from the truth. Ingenuity SooThe ‘n Delight Portable Swing really does have one of the most comfortable seats around. The fabric is super soft, while the 5-point harness keeps them securely in place. The best part about the seat is the size of the seat; it is oversized so it will still fit my baby comfortably as she grows.


  • Swing Automatically Shuts Off. One of the biggest issues, although it is a minor issue, that I noticed was that the swing automatically shuts off after one hour. I found this to be an odd feature, and a minor irradiation, because the swing has a timer based on 15-minute intervals. You can use this timer to shut the swing off after 15, 30, or 45 minutes, so why give this option if the swing shuts itself off after one hour. While it is irritating it is something that you can work around, all you have to do is plan ahead and restart the swing before the swing can shut itself off.
  • Speed settings aren’t very adjustable. Although the swing comes with a dial for adjusting the speed of the swing it doesn’t do much good, pretty much all of the settings are the same speed I have yet to notice a difference. This is not the first swing that I have purchased, so I have also noticed that the speed-setting problem is the same on every swing, even your full size swings.

This is one of the best portable swings out there. I choose this swing for my third baby because I needed something that I could take with my when I traveled or went to the park and this swing was the perfect choice for that. Not only is the swing super portable, but it is also durable. No matter where I set the swing up at I don’t have to worry about it tipping over or my baby falling out, as long as she is properly strapped in to the swing. The Ingenuity SooThe ‘n Delight Portable Swing is a great swing at an affordable price.


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