Graco DuetConnect LX Swing + Bouncer, Nyssa Review

Product Name:Graco DuetConnect LX Swing + Bouncer, Nyssa
Weight Range:5.5 to 30 pounds
Power Source:AC Adapter & Rechargable Batteries
Motion:Gliding 6 Speeds
Material Type:Fabric
Dimensions:33 x 34 x 43 inches
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The Graco DuetConnect LX Swing + Bouncer is unique in the sense that it offers three different features in one amazing item. The first and most used feature is the swing, which has a sturdy frame that is useful for swinging babies. The frame is one of the main reasons why I picked up this swing rather than other ones on the market. My babies are what I like to call hefty babies, so I want a swing that is going be able to swing them, rather than one that barely moves. In addition to the frame, the seat is styled to cradle a baby based on how moms hold them, which to me is soothing itself.

The swing comes with a removable seat that acts like a carrier. With this carrier, I can easily take my baby with me throughout the house without having to lug a bulky frame along with it. The carrier is also a bouncy seat that has two different vibrations along with a toy tray that flips up when needed. The three different features in one item is a big deal for me because it cuts down on the number of baby items I have around my house. I no longer need to have three separate items.


  • Harness system. I know many people don’t consider this a plus, but I do and it is something that you rarely see with swings or bouncy seats. The Swing n Bounce comes with two different harness options, so you can use the one that you like best. I have read many swing reviews where the biggest drawback to the swing was that it didn’t come with a 5-point harness, so Graco has added the 5-point harness along with the 3-point harness to this design. I prefer to use the 5-point when my baby is in the swing, but prefer the 3-point harness when she is in the bouncy seat because it is easier to take off.
  • Vibrations and swing settings. Being that this is a three in one item it has to have the best features of both items. Bouncy seats often come with a vibration setting to help soothe baby, but this one comes with two different settings so you can adjust how fast the vibrations are. The swing comes with six different speeds that you can use. I have found that as my baby gets heavier I have to use the higher settings to keep the swing moving at a steady pace.
  • Space Saver. Not only does the Graco Swing n Bounce save space by offering you a bouncy seat and swing in one, the frame also folds up for easy storage. I have a rather small house so saving space is a big deal for me. The frame of the swing easily folds together and folds up small enough that I can actually place it behind the couch or something similar when I have guests coming over.
  • Long Battery Life. One problem with any swing or bouncy seat that takes batteries is how many batteries you go through. It seems like you go through new batteries every week. With the Swing ‘n Bounce it takes 4D batteries, which are the most expensive batteries you can find, but I have been using the swing for several weeks so far and have yet to change the batteries.


  • Boring Toys. Like many other swings now a days the swing has toys on the top. The biggest problem with these toys is that they are pretty boring to look at, plus no matter how big baby is they can’t reach it. To help get past this issue I have hung my own toys from the bar on top that dangle down far enough for my baby to reach. If you do this make sure you sew them securely onto the bar so they won’t snap off.
  • Lack of choices with the music. Again, this is a very minor issue, but it is still something that drives me a bit insane. The swing comes with the choice of classical music or nature sounds, but you don’t have the option of choosing the setting that you want. You simply have to listen to all of the songs every time you turn the swing on.

One of the best things about the Graco Swing n Bounce is that you get more for your money. Rather than going out and purchasing two different pieces of equipment I can purchase one item. When I compared the costs, I found it was cheaper to purchase the Swing n Bounce. Not only is it cheaper but you also get a reliable and sturdy item that lives up to the Graco name.


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