Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Cradle ‘n Swing Review

Product Name:Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Cradle 'n Swing
Weight Range:5.5 Pounds To 25 Pounds
Power Source:Battery
Material Type:Plastic
Portability:Not Portable
Dimensions:14 x 12 x 30 inches
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One of the issues that most concern us as parents are to go in search of the best products for our babies, we always want them to be of very good quality and functionality. Since many times we get carried away by the appearance of the product without thinking about the usefulness and the time of use that we will give. That is why I always recommend Fisher Price because it has the best baby swing products. They are original, comfortable and safe. They are very useful regarding functionality and are so durable that they can be passed down from generation to generation.

This time Fisher Price surprises us with a new addition to their products with the Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Cradle in Swing. This is the best baby swing ever. It is a very comfortable chair where you can place your baby to relax while you can do other activities. It comes with an incredible and innovative vibration system that produces in your baby a feeling of tranquility and relaxation. In turn, has a toy bow in which you will have fun as never before, this bow is removable and has several toys that will give many laughs to your baby, are very good for the development of your motor and to interact. This product is for babies from 0 months to 2 years.


  • Soft and detachable toy bar for better access to the baby.
  • Includes three hanging toys
  • Soft and adjustable headrest.
  • It has a 3 point security system.
  • It has non-slip legs that securely attach the chair to the floor.
  • Soft vibrations that relax the baby, like in a car ride.
  • Battery operated (included).
  • Strengthens the development of motor skills
  • Listening to music stimulates the auditory senses.
  • The toy bar is detachable for easy access to the baby.
  • You can wash the cover in the washer.
  • Maximum weight: 25 lbs. (11.3 kg)


  • It is a relaxation rocker, so it is soft and comfortable
  • Has a doggy design that is pleasing to babies
  • It has support for the head and body
  • It has two swing movements
  • Has a motorized mobile with balloons and animals
  • Has Smart swing technology with six speeds of movement
  • Bring 16 songs and sounds of nature
  • Reclining and features three adjustable seat positions
  • The pad and holder are removed for washing and drying in machine.
  • Requires AC adapter for operation without battery or 4 D batteries (not included).
  • It has a 5-point safety harness for maximum safety
  • The legs are folded in for storage or loading from one room to another.
  • Has handles for easy loading.


  • It is very expensive for the little time that is going to be used
  • Vibration noises are a little loud for the baby
  • It is a bit difficult to install


We can say that although the Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Cradle in Swing is a little expensive it’s worth it. It is the best baby swing. This product is excellent and will bring happiness to your baby. It is soft and comfortable, and your vibrating and rolling movements will keep your baby calm and happy. Its Smart Swing Technology offers several speeds, which makes it unique and produces safety advantages.

This rocking chair is perfect for newborns, and you can easily convert into a child seat in which you can add interactive toys, and can facilitate learning and motor skills. It folds easily and is easy to carry around. Your baby can relax and have fun with absolute safety and comfort. The 16 songs are very beautiful and make you happy, as well as visual ability and sensitivity to music.

The seat includes a vibrating device that gently swings the baby, as the waves of the sea would, and the fabric of the seat is soft and warm, wrapping the baby.

Final Verdict

This product will help to keep your baby active and comfortable; you cannot imagine the peace you will find on your swing, because not only can you have fun but also relax, you may even be able to stop crying at any time. For me, it is the best baby swing of Fisher Price.

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