Fisher-Price Deluxe Cradle ‘n Swing, Rainforest Friends Review

Product Name:Fisher-Price Deluxe Cradle 'n Swing, Rainforest Friends
Weight Range:5.5 Pounds To 30 Pounds
Power Source:Rechargable Batteries
Material Type:Plastic
Dimensions:30 x 13 x 12 inches
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This is one of the best baby swings that plug in directly with 120-volt AC Adapter provides a safe and sturdy design to make it one of the most durable swings on the market. One of the best features of the swing is the calming music with two swinging motions to soothe baby having 6 swinging speeds and 16 songs , but Fisher-Price takes it a step further and adds a handful of soothing sound effects. The music is like most mobile music, very soft and soothing, whereas the sound effects are designed to imitate nature. Having heard normal swing music for so long, I was excited to listen to the nature sounds and they didn’t disappoint me, but even better, my baby loved them. The nature sound effects combined with two different swinging options makes this swing truly unique.

Another outstanding feature of the Fisher-Price Rainforest Open Top Cradle Swing is the hanging mobile. Sure, it is not a unique feature, plenty of other swings have it, but the design of the mobile is something that stands out. The mobile not only has animals from the rainforest spinning slowly around, but you will also find leaves opening and closing, all helping to encourage tracking skills. Not to mention you can recline the seat into two different positions, one reclines further than the other does.

This swing is designed for use from newborn up until baby becomes too active. Once baby becomes active and starts trying to climb out of the seat, the swing should no longer be used because it is a safety concern. To help ensure baby’s safety the swing comes with a three-point harness that when used correctly prevents baby from climbing out.


  • AC adapter for battery-free operation. One of the worst things about baby swings is how fast they seem to go through batteries, and the more you use them the more batteries you go through. The previous swing I had ran off batteries and it seemed like I was replacing the batteries every other day. When I was looking for a swing for my third baby I came across the Fisher-Price Rainforest Swing and discovered that it comes with 120-volt AC adapter that you can directly plug into the wall. To me this was the perfect swing because I no longer had to worry about going through batteries; all of the other good things about the swing are just an added bonus.
  • Bright colors & toys are pleasing to look at. If you look at the numerous baby swings that are available, including other ones by Fisher-Price, you will notice that most of them are done in soft colors. While soft colors are nice to look at and seem to go well with all baby decorations the bright colors of the Rainforest Swing are refreshing. My baby is enthralled with the bright colors of the animals on the mobile; she will actually stare at them for several minutes. I find the bright colors to be refreshing because it helps brighten up my house.
  • Smart Swing Technology. One of the best features with the Fisher-Price Rainforest Swing is the dual-action swinging (Two swinging motions to soothe baby with 6 swinging speeds and 16 songs). All of the other swings that I have owned have only offered the option of swing front to back, but some babies need the side-to-side motion, think about rocking a baby on your hip you go side-to-side rather than front to back. Going from front to back swinging to side-to-side swinging is as simple as turning the seat, but you want to make sure everything is lined back up when making the change. No matter what direction my baby is swinging, I can easily access my baby through the open top. The open top also makes it easier to take my baby out of the swing because there is no top bar getting in the way.
  • Folds up easily. The Rainforest Swing is not considered a portable swing, although it is not nearly as big as a full size swing. Despite it not being a portable swing the Rainforest swing is one of the easiest swings to fold up. Not only does it fold up easily it also folds up nicely so that it is easy to store when it is not going to be in use. Most of the time storing the swing is not an issue for me because I use the swing on a daily basis, but when I am going to be entertaining, it is nice to put the swing away so it is out of the way.


  • Takes awhile to warm up. One thing that I have noticed after purchasing the swing is that it takes a little while for the motor to warm up. When I first turned the swing on for my baby, the swing barley moved. I have found that giving it a little push to get it going often helps. I have also discovered that after swinging gently for several minutes the motor has a chance to warm up and the swing starts working at a consistent speed.
  • Low weight limit. Some swings that I have found on the market have a weight limit of 40 pounds, but this swing has a weight limit of 30 pounds. While the weight limit is low compared to other swings, it still isn’t that big of a deal, if you think about it. My two older children outgrew the swing by the time they were four months old, which I also expect my youngest will too. By the time they reach the weight limit chances are they are too old for the swing anyway, so why waste money on a swing with a higher weight limit.

The Fisher-Price Rainforest Swing lives up to the Fisher-Price name. The swing comes with so many features that chances are you will never use them all. I was looking for an amazing swing to help keep my baby entertained while I was getting things done around the house. The Rainforest Swing has far exceeded my expectations and I would recommend it to anybody who is looking for a new swing.

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