How to Put Your Baby to Sleep Using a Best Baby Swing

Baby swings function well by keeping babies content and entertained with the rhythmic movement they enjoy. Many people employ the swings during the day, but many parents have found that the incorporation of the mechanical swing in the bedtime routine produces more prolonged periods of sleep. If you are experiencing difficulty in getting baby to fall asleep, try using a swing to promote an easier and longer sleep time.

Babies should be fed frequently during the later afternoon hours and the evening to prolonged sleep in swings. By increasing feed times after the hour of 5:00 pm, the baby will sleep for a longer time at night. Babies do not sleep well when they are put to bed hungry or if they wake up feeling hungry in the night.

If a baby who is fed once every three hours is having trouble sleeping, increase feed times to every couple of hours during the evening prior to bedtime. The extra feeding helps by decreasing fussiness that is common during the evening. For fussy babies, doctors recommend additional feeding.

The use of rhythm to soothe fussy babies gets them used to the movement. There are some babies that don’t like movement initially so getting them used to it in the safety of your arms and touch, usually by dancing, will get them used to it and soothe them. After feeding, make yourself into a swing and slowly accustom them to the motion by slowly moving to and fro in a gentle swinging movement.

If your baby normally sleeps well when swaddled, then swaddle prior to placement in swing so there will be no disruption to the transition. While babies are awake, swaddling should only take place for the initial month. Since older babies can be swaddled during sleep, just leave the diaper around the legs looser by a bit if they are to be put in a swing.

Experiment with the speed and rhythm of the swing once you’ve put your baby in it and determine the preferred pace and movement. There are some babies that require consistent, stern movement while others need soft swaying. Pay attention to what the baby prefers.

White noise, like that of a washer or fan, is reminiscent of the womb and comforting to a baby. This type of sound can assist the child in falling asleep in a swing and remaining asleep longer. There are models of swings that are equipped with music and lights however, white noise works better to calm babies to the point of sleep.

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