Baby Bouncer vs Baby Swings

You’re getting ready for the newest member of your family to arrive and you need to tackle one more decision: Will you place a bouncer seat or baby swing on the baby shower gift registry? They both help with mental development as well as helping baby get to sleep. Experts agree that you should only use one with your baby. There are a number of considerations in choosing one over the other.


Generally, swings have more features than bouncers. Swings offer the ability to adjust speed and range of the motion. Swings also have additional features, depending on the model and style that can be controlled such as light brightness and sound volume. There are simple swings or ones that can convert to other uses. Convertible swings allow the detachment of the seat to be used as a rocker or portable baby seat.

Bouncers often are equipped with mobiles, lights, sound and play trays. Some bouncers allow for speed adjustment between songs being played. They can also come with sound recordings that imitate the rhythm of a beating heart to comfort the baby.


Bouncers weigh less and are easier to take along than swings. They usually weigh less than 10 pounds and are convenient for moving from place to place. Swings are available in many different styles including the travel-ready smaller version for portability. While most travel swings are as light as 3 pounds, the convertible swings can weigh up to 20 pounds.

The Time Frame

Both items have a limited amount of time that they can be used for a baby. Swings can usually hold a baby up to around 25 pounds in weight. Bouncers are typically able to accommodate a baby weighing up to around 30 pounds or 18 months of age, whichever measurement comes first. When deciding the amount of money to spend on either of these items, keep the time limits in mind.


Bouncers are usually less expensive than swings ranging between $20 and $100.On, the best selling bouncers usually run between $30 and $50. Swings usually cost around $200 or more. Again, on, the same swing will cost up to 50% less.

Baby Preference

Regardless of the specifications and bells and whistles, only the baby can let you know if you made the right choice by trying it out. It is a good idea to let your baby try someone else’s bouncer or swing to see how they like them. Observe the baby’s reaction closely. If trying one or the other out before making a purchase is not possible, remember this: A baby who easily falls asleep while being rocked in arms will probably like a swing. A baby who is partial to car rides as a favorite sleep aid will probably prefer a bouncer with vibration features

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